Drainage Extras

Approachways take great care to disguise ugly metal and concrete manhole covers when installing a new pattern imprinted concrete area. Any existing manhole covers are removed and replaced with recessed tray type covers which have decorative concrete laid into them to blend with the rest of the installation


The inclusion of these recessed manhole covers in the installation process still enables full and easy access to the manhole chamber below them but stops their usual noticeable appearance spoiling the overall asthetics of the new imprinted concrete paving.

Sitting water can be a problem. When deemed necessary, Aco drainage channels can be neatly fitted to alleviate the problem. These are connected either to soakaways or drainage systems via underground pipe connections. Available in both a galvanised metal finish and a robust black plastic, they can both be unobtrusively incorporated into your decorative paving installation.

Approachways are able to install both soakaways and drainage systems if existing drainage solutions are not already in place





Drainage gulleys are replaced where necessary and great care is taken to merge them with the final finish. 




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