Pattern Imprinted Concrete

  • Block paving is notorious for sinking, spreading, staining and of course weed growth!
  • Tarmac has a limited life expectancy, is not oil resistant and only comes in black or red!

  • Loose gravel migrates away from where it is meant to be and again, is prone to weed growth!
  • Paving slabs move over a period of time ,discolour and require repointing!

On the other hand....pattern imprinted concrete offers the ultimate in durability, low maintenance and range of pattern and colours!

Based on a system used in the UK for the last twenty five years, Approachways' pattern imprinted concrete system is essentially a new, coloured, fibre reinforced concrete slab with a decorative pattern embossed onto its surface. This is then sealed.

The range of patterns and colour options available is truly staggering, enabling you, the customer, to tailor the finish to suit any type of property, whether traditional or contemporary.


  • Hard wearing
  • UV stable colours - It doesn't fade
  • Weed free, thus truly low maintenance
  • Oil and stain resistant
  • Easy to clean - It can be power washed
  • Slip resistantant
  • Huge range of patterns and colours to choose from
  • No sinking, moving or spreading


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Pattern Imprinted Concrete

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