Pattern Imprinted Concrete Designs

Pattern imprinted concrete is available in a wide range of patterns and colours to enable you to adapt the appearance of your Approachways installation to suit the individual style of your property and your own personal taste.

All Approachways representatives are highly experienced in all aspects of designing / redesigning driveways, patios, pools and paths to assist our clients in achieving the best overall finish possible.

The combinations available are endless with Approachways being able to present in excess of fifteen patterns and twenty colours; all of which enable your new paving installation to be as unique as you are!

New Brick Herringbone
Split Rubblestone
Deep Joint Cobble
Old Brick Basketweave
Cheshire Cobble
Californian Weave Stone
Cobble Circle
Herringbone Stone
Old Brick Runningbond
Random Ashler Stone
Sidewalk Slate
Basketweave Stone
European Fan
Grand Ashlar
Lakeland Cobble
London Cobble
Old Brick Herringbone
Random Ashlar
Royal Ashlar Slate
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